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Tiger Tables 2013, updated with the new estate tax exemption and rates passed by Congress on January 1, is the current version.  In addition to the updated estate tax calculator, the 2013 version has a number of other attractive new features.  Look here for details.

Larry Katzenstein's Tiger Tables Actuarial Software will produce almost any actuarial factor ever likely to be needed by a tax lawyer, estate planner or accountant. GRATs and QPRTs, charitable remainder trusts (up to 10 lives) and gift annuities, and much, much more, all for only $299 for a single user copy.  Tiger Tables has been updated to include the new estate tax rate and exemption.   Tiger Tables was updated in 2009 with the new mortality tables which became effective May 1, 2009.  If you are using an older version than the 2009 version, your Tiger Tables is REALLY outdated.  Even the IRS uses Tiger Tables!  You can see a complete list of factors calculated by Tiger Tables here.

Download the demo and see for yourself. It works just like the real thing except it only accepts a 10% section 7520 rate. You can pay for Tiger Tables with a credit card and download the program right from this site, so you could be using Tiger Tables today!

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